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Éleonore is the gastronomic restaurant of contemporary market cuisine by Cristina Arias Sopeña. We are located on the Salinas beach promenade, with unbeatable villas along the entire bay, where you will enjoy (in a dining room designed and decorated to match the natural environment to which it opens) a careful cuisine, in 3 tasting menus to choose from, under the leadership of Cristina herself, and her right hand Carlos Álvarez León. The room, directed by Guillermo González, complements the management team, managing a corresponding winery. Large format marbles, velvets, immense windows with 180º views of the Bay of San Juan. Salinas and a successful musical and aromatic selection will ensure that your visit is not limited solely to gastronomy, but rather allows you to fully enjoy the essence of the restaurant: its social nature and a multi-sensory experience. We never "double" tables so you can always enjoy a pleasant after-dinner meal with your companions.


Éleonore Restaurante Boutique is the gastronomic proposal of Cristina Arias Sopeña, hand in hand with her multicultural kitchen team. Located on the very first line of the beach, with a careful interior design, an exquisite musical setting, informal and close service in the dining room, you can enjoy market cuisine with different contemporary techniques while enjoying the incredible views of the Cantabrian Sea.

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